Stu Weber - Tender Warrior

Tender Warrior: Every Man’s Purpose, Every Woman’s Dream, Every Child’s Hope

A consistent best seller since 1993. Over 500,000 copies sold.





Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart: Bringing Strength into BalanceStu Weber ~ Four Pillars

The sequel. This book builds on the “Four Pillars of Manhood” model set forth in Tender Warrior. Includes an expanded, in-depth biblical exploration of what it means to be a king, warrior, mentor, and friend, and addresses key circumstances, struggles and opportunities faced by men of all ages and backgrounds.




Locking Arms by Stu WeberLocking Arms: Shoulder to Shoulder, Man to Man… God’s Design for Masculine Friendships

A manual on masculine friendship as God intended it. Great for a small group of friends (and a church full of such groups) earn to explore building soul-shaping, brother-to-brother relationships before God.




Warrior SoulWarrior Soul: Five Powerful Principles to Make You a Stronger Man of God

Co-Authored with former 3-star General Jerry Boykin.  A guide for how to apply the techniques of a true warrior in the spiritual realm by emphasizing five core elements:

1. A cause greater than self—why we fight
2. A settled memory—the link between history and current circumstances
3. A personal intensity—eager for challenges and undistracted by personal issues
4. An unflagging optimism—an absolute commitment to never surrender
5. A deep camaraderie—a personal commitment to fellow warriors



Infinite ImpactInfinite Impact: Making the Most of Your Place on God’s Timeline

Too many of us are passive participants in our own story. We roll through life without a plot. No real character development. No sense of transcendence that connects to history or extends beyond the present. This book helps you take inventory, challenge you to think beyond your lifespan, and plan your impact so it echoes for eternity. 




Spirit WarriorsSpirit Warriors: Strategies for the Battles Christian Men and Women Face Every Day

A down to earth look at the reality of spiritual warfare. “Somehow we have come to mistakenly associate spiritual warfare with charismatic personalities strutting across brightly lit platforms … whuppin’ up on evil spirits,” says Weber.  This book explores beyond the caricature.




Stu Weber - Holman Commentary on MatthewMatthew ~ Holman New Testament Commentary

A classic biblical commentary on the gospel of Matthew, including verse-by-verse study, discussion starters, teaching plan and more.  One of twelve in the commentary series edited by Max Anders. Great for lay teachers and pastors alike. 





Heart of a Tender WarriorThe Heart of a Tender Warrior: Becoming a Man of Purpose

This is an abridged 96-page adaptation of the original full-length bestseller “Tender Warrior”  






Along the Road to Manhood ~ Stu WeberAlong the Road to Manhood: Collected Wisdom for the Journey

A short (176pg) compact volume assembling quotations and noteworthy short writings related to manhood.  





Surprised by Oxford ~ Carolyn WeberSurprised by Oxford: A Memoir
(by Carolyn Weber, my daughter-in-law)